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 If you want to join OSGL - READ HERE!

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PostSubject: If you want to join OSGL - READ HERE!   Sun Oct 11, 2009 8:57 am

If you want to join OSGL, then first go read the charter which you can find in the Rules and Information sub-forum. When you have done that then you can start filling out the below application form and post it here.

1. In-Game Name:

2. Country, county & town:

3. Tell us a bit about yourself:

4. Why do you want to join:

5. Can anyone in the order vouch for you:

6. Are you baptised(Aristotelism):

7. OOC: Would you be so kind as to give us your MSN or Yahoo Messenger address so we can interview you:

Sir Almogrief Robertus-Britannicus, Baronet and Lord of Chard and Viscount of Bristol.

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If you want to join OSGL - READ HERE!
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